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Product Matrix





Heat production from pigs, cattle, chicken, turkeys  - CIGR1984 (Strøm/Feenstra) Yes Yes Yes
Heat production from pigs, cattle and chicken  - CIGR 2002 No Yes Yes
Indication of feed intensity No Yes Yes
Application of activity parameter No Yes Yes
Dimensioning of ventilation units
Trade specific component file Yes No Yes
Max. number of components 500 -- 10000
Increased number of component groups No No Yes
Increased model for calculation of component ventilation characteristics No No Yes
Dimensioning of heat units
Calculation of plain tubes black/galvanised Yes Yes Yes
Calculation of ribbed spiral tubes (Spiroflex) Yes Yes Yes
Calculation of aluminium wing pipes (Fancon/Ikadan-Delta/ WingPipe) No No Yes
Calculation of building heat loss
Area statement for roof, ceiling, walls, floor, doors, slurry pits, etc. Yes Yes Yes
Calculation of heat transmission according to building geometry and k-values Yes Yes Yes
Climatic analysis
Input of ref-formatted climatic data Yes Yes Yes
Establishment of temperature and humidity quantiles and indication of recommended
dimensioning values No No Yes
Simulation of annual power and heat consumption
Set-point value for indoor temperature Yes Yes Yes
Set-point value for relative indoor humidity Yes Yes Yes
Set-point value for indoor CO2 level Yes Yes Yes
Simulation of regulation by use of outdoor temperature sensor No No Yes
Simulation of air cleaner No No Yes
Simulation of heat recovery No No Yes
Heat supply on direct combustion No Yes Yes
Customer specific regulation characteristics for ventilation units No Yes Yes
Recording of TMY2-formatted climate data No No Yes
Printing of csv-formatted simulation data prior to input of data into spreadsheet No No Yes
Graphical data representation Yes Yes Yes
Duration curves for various simultaneous simulations No Yes Yes
Combined report with user-specified composition No No Yes
Additional modules (to be purchased separately)
Additional language modules Yes No Yes
Unit conversion between SI and Imperial units No No Yes
Cooling and humidifying (Spray, PAD and mechanikal cooling) No No Yes
Simulation of ammonia/odour emission No No Yes
Calculation of composite projects (central ventilation) No No Yes
Cph-module - calculation of operational and financial relations
for cph-units for use in combined housing projects No No Yes
Quotation module - customer specified quotation printout with company logo, etc. No No Yes
Database module - compound components, unit lists, data exchange
with financial database (Navision, SAP, etc.) No No Yes